Contact Between Campers & Their Parents

What if I want to send my camper a letter or package? We highly encourage parents to send letters to their child while at camp.  This is a very special and important time of the day.  Parents may also include letters in their camper’s luggage for each day. To make sure they are delivered on time, please indicate the day you would like them delivered.  Please refrain from sending your child food or candy (they already have the opportunity to enjoy sweets 3 times a day!).  Address mail as follows:

(Camper Name)
(Camp week, dorm assignment)
Camp Willow Springs
102 Camp Willow Springs Drive
Littleton, NC 27850

Can I call my camper or can my camper call home? CWS has a no cell phone policy. Your assistance in enforcing this policy helps us ensure the campers’ safety. Additionally, due to the busyness of the camp schedule there is not time to allow campers to make phone calls.   As a result we encourage letter writing by both campers and parents as the form of communication for the week.

What if my camper gets homesick? Our staff are trained to handle the few occurrences of homesickness that we encounter in a summer.  Your child will be encouraged to positively focus on the many fun activities at camp.  If you know that your child is prone to homesickness it will go a long way for you to encourage your child to be positive before arriving at camp. If homesickness is inhibiting your camper from participation in the camp program, the Camp Director will contact you to discuss options for your child’s care.