Current Greatest Area of Need: Funds for Dining Hall & Pool

Winning young people to Jesus Christ, maturing those who are already Christians, and showing that you can be a Christian and have fun are all part of the mission of Youth Camps For Christ, Inc.  We will soon complete another exciting year of serving children and youth through Camp Willow Run (CWR).  This year 2,400 campers attended our summer camps and we were blessed to be full for each week of camp.  We have continued to place campers on waiting lists because of lack of space at CWR.  Our desire is to be able to serve all young people who want to attend one of our summer camps.

To be able to serve these young people, we must complete the construction of Phase One of Camp Willow Springs (CWS).  We have seen continued development progress during 2011.  The construction of two duplex dorms has been completed.  Each dorm is 2,100 square feet and contains bathrooms and sleeping accommodations for 20 campers.  There is an activity/meeting room in each dorm.  During the summer, the CWS shoreline was protected with rock.  We are now in the permitting phase for the camp water system.  This system will allow county water to the CWS site.  Also, construction of the camp office and health care center has begun and these buildings will be completed early next year.

As we look to 2012, our greatest area of need is to raise the funds for the construction of the dining hall and pool.  The inside of this brochure is dedicated to sharing pictures and details of the CWS dining hall.  We would love to have you partner with us to see this building completed.  The current cost of Phase One is approximately $6.5 million.  There is a remaining need of $2.9 million to complete Phase One.  This will allow us to open Camp Willow Springs in 2013.

We ask that you faithfully pray for us and the provision of the funds needed to complete Phase One of CWS.  Please pray that the Lord will put us in contact with those who would be willing to financially invest in a project that will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children.  Also, we ask that you prayerfully consider an end-of-year gift to the campaign for Camp Willow Springs.  This can be a financial gift used towards construction of the dining hall or other buildings, a gift of building materials, or a naming opportunity for a building.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry.

Linda E. Harris              Robbie Harris
Executive Director        Director of Operations & Development