Incoming Day Check-in

Check-in will take place in the Meeting Room beginning at 4:00 pm. The doors will open at 3:00 pm for those that wish to line up inside ahead of time, but please feel free to walk around camp until check-in begins.

At Check-in:

  1. Campers must accompany adults.
  2. If you have no health care concerns to report, you will proceed to the check-in tables for health screening, to confirm contact information, and to receive dorm assignments.
  3. If your camper is bringing no medications and has no medical concerns and does not need to update their health history, you are all set to proceed to the dorm to move-in and complete the “Sign-In Sheet.”

Medical Table:

  1. For those campers bringing any type of medication to camp or who may have a medical concern that could impact participation in the camp program, you will proceed to the health care tables. Please bring any medication with you to check-in.
  2. Please check-in all medications including over the counter or non-prescription drugs. Bring all medications in the original packaging/bottle. Packaging for prescription medication must identify the prescribing physician, the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. EXCEPTION: If your child must carry emergency medication (epinephrine auto-injector, rescue inhaler, etc.), please provide an additional supply of the medication, if possible, to be kept in the care of the camp healthcare person. 
  3. After checking in your medication, you will confirm contact information and receive your dorm assignment. You can then move into your dorm and complete the “Sign-In Sheet“.