Jobs Connections Directory

We would like to add another benefit to working on summer staff  by taking advantage of the wide network of staff alumni to create a Jobs Connections Directory.   This directory will be a link that can help connect staff alumni with those who can be a resource or mentor for a particular career field or job position.  Staff alumni, we would love to add you to our Jobs Connections Directory if you are in a position to serve as a resource/mentor, offer an internship, or make hiring decisions at your organization.

Many summer staff commit to serving with us even while they face increasing pressure to pursue internships or career oriented employment opportunities.  Working on summer staff provides many wonderful life-equipping experiences that benefit staff both now and in the future.  As staff alumni, we all know that the Lord faithfully provides for our summer staff and their future plans.  We are grateful for His provision!

This directory will enable us to put summer staff who have served faithfully and reliably at CWS or CWR in contact with fellow staff alumni. The Jobs Connections Directory will be closed to the general public and initial contact will only be set up through a current YCFC, CWS, or CWR director.

If you are willing to be a resource: Please complete this form to add your name to the Jobs Connections Director or email Luke at

If you are looking for a resource/mentor, internship, or job, or have questions: Please email Luke at