Storm Update

On Tuesday, August 23, we felt the earthquake from the Louisa epicenter just north of Richmond, Virginia.  There was no damage at camp from the mild tremors felt here, but it was unsettling.  Then Hurricane Irene arrived on the North Carolina coast on Saturday, impacting all of the coastal and inland regions within four hours of the beaches in our State, as it moved up the eastern seaboard.

Amazingly, Camp Willow Run sustained no damage to buildings, no flooding, and minimal challenges.  We had loss of power until Monday, but the emergency generator kept our dining hall equipment and water well operational.  To be expected, debris was everywhere and we lost a number of trees.  The fallen limbs and other debris have already been cleaned up.  The fallen trees will soon be removed

The buildings at Camp Willow Springs had no damage.  They, too, withstood the storm.

We all know that millions of lives have been turned inside-out.  So many areas along the eastern seaboard have experienced devastation beyond comprehension.  Our thoughts and prayers are with so many who face weeks, months and even years getting their lives back to some degree of ‘normalcy’.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our camper families who experienced this storm and the earthquake.  Our prayer is for your well-being and safety in the midst of any restoration and challenges you may be facing.

Linda Harris
Executive Director