The Plan

In response to the overwhelming need and desire of children/youth to attend Camp Willow Run, the Board of Directors of YCFC is spearheading the organization’s first-ever capital development campaign. The campaign’s success will allow us to double the number of campers who can be accommodated each summer by expanding facilities through the construction of Camp Willow Springs, which will be designed specifically for campers in third through sixth grades. The facilities will be located on a 107-acre tract of land adjacent to Camp Willow Run. Land development, infrastructure, construction and first-year operating costs, are included in the identified campaign need of $9.9 million. Given the increasing and overwhelming number of camp applications received in recent years, the Board of Directors is confident that Camp Willow Springs will quickly be self-sustaining, just as Camp Willow Run has been since its inception. Through gifts of cash, securities, and in-kind services, we have received $3.6 million toward the $9.9 million goal. This $3.6 million will allow us to move forward with phase one of construction.