A Word from Linda Harris

Recently, as I opened an envelope, there was a small, bright yellow sheet of stationery wrapped around a gift for Camp Willow Springs. A gracious gift from a young couple was enclosed with a message written by the wife:

CWR has always meant so much to me and hope one day my kids will be able to attend. Here is something to help God’s plan for advancement in His kingdom. Thanks for all you do!

We praise God for the influence camp had in the life of this young woman, now a wife and mother. I am so touched by the reason for this gift.

* “CWR has always meant so much to me”— a life changing experience when a camper and while serving on summer staff during college years.
* “Here is something to help”—a gracious gift to help with development needs so campers can soon fill the dorms, dining hall, pool, recreation areas, and meeting rooms.
* “God’s plan for advancement in His kingdom”—being a partner in God’s plan for growing and maturing another generation of campers in their faith and service.

We are so very thankful for each and every vision partner who supports this ministry through campers, prayer, friendship and financial giving. So many children are waiting to attend summer camp. Just think about it. Once Camp Willow Springs is completed, there will be two thousand more campers participating in summer sessions! What a joy that will be!

You do make a difference in God’s plans. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can partner with the development of Camp Willow Springs. We thank God for all you do to support His plans and purposes for this ministry to His honor and glory.

Linda Harris