Our Children… A Treasure Beyond Measure!

Together, we make a difference in the lives of the children.  It is a partnership with an eternal investment.  Thousands of children have been spiritually nurtured and encouraged in their faith through involvement in Camp Willow Run’s summer and retreat programs.  Hundreds and hundreds of others missed that opportunity due to lack of space during summer sessions.  Weeks continue to have waiting lists.

Working together, we are making a difference in the development of Camp Willow Springs.  Thanks to donors, two dorms are completed.  We need to continue construction of dorms and other Phase One facilities.  The two largest facilities need funding so that construction can begin this summer.  The dining hall is a “must” building.  Even as we spiritually nourish our campers, they need physical nourishment, as well.  The pool area is a “must” for water recreation in the heat of summer.

Together, we can reach the goal.  Our deepest desire is to open Camp Willow Springs for summer 2012.  The challenge is enormous.  There are children waiting for the opportunity to attend summer camp.

Please contact us at 252.586.4665 for further details and information as to how you can be involved and make a difference.  Our children are a treasure beyond measure.  Thank you!

Linda Harris
Executive Director