Together…for our children

We just wrapped up our 21st Fall Mother-Daughter Legacy Retreat at Camp Willow Run.  There were 73 Moms and 83 middle school, high school and college daughters who participated in this unique and special week-end.  Our speaker has a heart for leading young women and their Moms to understand what it means to find completion in Christ.  It was an amazing time of spiritual renewal, new friendships, recreation, laughter, worship in song and through the Word of God, and spending time together as Mothers and daughters in the beautiful location at Lake Gaston!

Camp Willow Run can readily host Mother-Daughter, Father-Son and Super High retreats….times that we thoroughly enjoy planning and leading.   The new, duplex dorms at Camp Willow Springs will give us new ways to serve guest groups. What a blessing it will be to have more and more ministry opportunities!

However, the pressing need is for expanding our summer camping outreach.  We are truly at a defining time in the commitment to develop Camp Willow Springs.  For 43 years we have witnessed the difference this ministry makes in the lives of our children and teenagers, their families, churches, schools and throughout their communities.  It is an honor to minister to 2400 campers each summer through Camp Willow Run.  Now is the time to complete Phase 1 of Camp Willow Springs development and open the doors to the hundreds turned away each summer due to lack of space.

We are coming to the end of 2011 and preparing for a full, exciting 2012.  On-going construction continues on the Camp Willow Springs site with dorms, the office and health care center.  At this time, our target date for opening for summer sessions will be 2013.  In order to do this, the dining hall and the swimming pool must be built. Our contractor will need to allow nine months for construction of the dining hall.  The contractor for the pool will need approximately four months.  In order to make this a reality, financial gifts and in-kind gifts are needed.  This is a task that we can complete together in behalf of our children.

Together…..for our children…to God’s glory.  Your prayerful consideration of an end-of-year gift will help sustain the construction process, and will, in turn, be a blessing for today’s children and the generations yet to come.

Please contact us with any questions or a request for an opportunity to talk further.  Thank you.

Linda Harris, Executive Director
Robbie Harris, Director of Operations and Development